Revenue Management

Avyan Hospitality brings in strategic and operational level of Revenue Management support through a series of activities specially customized for increasing hotel revenue. We assist hotels with a full deck of analytical and intuitive inputs on managing rates, content and digital sales platforms. Additionally, we optimize productivity from all other segments of business like Corporates, Leisure and MICE. When a hotel outsources the Revenue Management activity to Avyan, it essentially is signing up for quality and consistency.

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What We Do

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Forecasting Model

Forecasting Model

  • Historical and Advanced Booking models
  • Assessment of Pace reports, Daily Pick-up Reports, Sales Productivity Reports
  • Incorporate city sold-out dates and demand spike periods Banquet Space Revenue Optimization
  • External Outlook


  • GDS Optimization
  • PPC & Marketing Campaigns
  • Competition Analysis
  • Market Business Intelligence
  • Strategy & Evaluation


  • Market Segment Analytics
  • Group Pricing
  • Forecasting & Budgeting
  • Overbooking controls & strategy
  • 3rd Party Management


  • OTA Contracts
  • Commission Negotiations
  • Relationship Management
  • Inventory Deployment
  • Pricing Strategy

    Pricing Strategy

  • Competitor benchmarking
  • Dynamic pricing mechanism
  • Usage of restrictions and promotions to optimize low and high periods respectively
  • Data mining for trend analysis
  • Rate parity across multiple platforms
  • Rate fencing
  • Price elasticity study over weekdays and weekends
  • Business Mix Optimization

    Business Mix Optimization

  • SWOT Analysis
  • Fine-tuning the strategies to focus on right business mix
  • Displacement Analysis
  • Offer practical solutions to improve penetration in under-performing segments
  • Online Channel Management

    Online Channel Management

  • Web Content Management
  • Work with OTAs to drive special promotions
  • Offer advice for SEO and SEM activities
  • Deployment of revenue management tasks periodically
  • Distribution Management

    Distribution Management

  • Improvement of GDS productivity
  • Direct and Indirect channel balance
  • Marketing budget assessment
  • Identify gaps/ leakages in reservations